About Us

We started in 2003 in Phoenix Arizona with Danny’s Family Window Tint. We learned how to give quality installations for over 4 years and then we started working on our own.

We demonstrates how much heat Huper Optik Window Film stops from coming into your home, office or yacht.

Our films can be applied to commercial, residencial, automotive and marine purposes. With a little over 15 years of experience, we believe that our installation and quality is remarkable. Giving you the trust of a written warranty for 15 years.

Let us give you a demo and be amazed by this amazing ceramic technology and save money by reducing the usage of your AC and protect your interiors.

Benefits of Ceramic Technology

Cool Comfort

•High total solar energy rejection of up to 73%

•Enhances interior comfort with reduced glare - cooler and more

•Comfortable living environment

German Protection

•High ultraviolet rejection that exceeds 99.9%

•Protects occupants from the sun's harmful radiation

•Slows down the fading process of interior fixtures and furnishings •Improves shatter resistance, creating a safer environment

Superb Durability

•100% dye -free and metal-free*; no demetallization or discoloration

•Tested for UV degradation beyond the expected life cycle of both conventional dyed and metallic films

•Residential limited lifetime and commercial 15 - year limited product warranty

Classic Aesthetics

•Enhances overall aesthetics with a soft veil of European luxury

•No garish metallic or shiny effects that cause light pollution

•Low "mirror-like" effects, allowing a spectacular view of the outside world

Energy Savings

•Provides significant heat reduction, lowering air conditioning cooling load and energy consumption

•Prolongs life span of air-conditioning system and reduces utility bills

Professional Installations

•Committed to professionalism in service and quality installation, meeting the customers' requirements for optimal solar control solutions

*Drei Film comes with Ceramic and Metal.


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